The Gift of Conflict 

Advanced Conflict Resolution Course For All Your Relationships. From The Safe Comfort Of Your Home (Via Zoom). 

“I hate feeling like I am the only one doing anything around the house. Every night, I make dinner, do the dishes and clean up the kitchen while he sits on the couch. Pisses me off!” 

“It doesn’t matter what I do, she is unhappy. If I empty the garbage, she harps on me for not having fixed the dishwasher. If I fix the dishwasher, she is angry because I didn’t mow the lawn. And if I mow the lawn, she bitches at me for not emptying the garbage. I feel like I can’t win!” 

“He leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor where I trip over them after I have explicitly asked for him to do otherwise, and then he expects me to have sex with him! No way!!” 

“Every time we have a fight, she breaks up with me and storms out of the house. I am sick and tired of little tiffs turning into big dramas!" 

"We just can't agree on anything!"

Any of this sound familiar? 

Do you feel like your partner just doesn’t understand you? Like you are speaking a different language? Do you feel like you can’t talk about anything these days without blowing up at each other? 

Are you frustrated because all of your efforts to improve your relationship go nowhere?

Do you ever wonder if you are just too incompatible, if you would be better off somewhere else? 

Do you secretly fear you may never have the sweet deep relationship you long for?

Do you wish you could work through conflicts easily and quickly?

So you could spend your time feeling connected, happy and in love? 

There is nothing worse than having conflicts and fights with your partner that you don’t know how to resolve. 

Feeling disconnected, hopeless and alone in your relationship with no clear path back to love colors everything in your life – work, family, health, everything. 

Shouting matches, name-calling, blaming and processing for hours about who said what, alternated with long periods of silence, without appreciation and touch, will quickly break down even the best of relationships. 

We’ll be honest with you …

If you don’t figure out a positive, effective way to resolve your conflicts, you’ll simply never get to fully enjoy the deliciousness of true partnership, deep intimacy, and mind-blowing sensuality. It really is that simple.

In fact, resolving conflicts, even the seemingly difficult ones, in a good way, IS true partnership, IS begin a mature, effective, loving human being. Without it, there’s no lasting, satisfying team work, growth, and loving partnership. 

If you are like most couples or most people, you may have noticed that most of your conflicts are recurring – that is, they keep coming back over and over again. 


Because you don’t have a system for dealing with them as they arise so you can resolve them so completely that you never have to revisit the same issue again.

In The Gift of Conflict training, you’ll discover that conflicts are inevitable, that they are in fact born from your commitments and desires. They are actually a positive force in your relationship … IF you know how to use them. 

They can be used to help you grow and become an even better version of yourself and as a catalyst for creating more love, passion and intimacy in your relationship.

The tools and models you’ll learn are applicable in your intimate relationships, with spouse, partner, kids, friends, co-workers, employers, and employees.

Christian & I use our advanced conflict resolution system to deal with the conflicts, problems and challenges that show up in our lives to help us expand and grow. 

We have eliminated blame, criticism and complaint in our own relationship, and never need to have the same argument twice.

We even have fun coming up with creative solutions to challenges; creative solutions that are often much better than anything we could have thought of individually. 

Unspoken or unresolved conflicts and resentments are to your relationship what heavy metals are to your body. No single small dose of mercury or lead is detrimental to your physical health. But at some point, when the concentration of these heavy metals in your blood gets too high, it becomes severe and even deadly. 

All the “stuff” you don’t deal with, or feel you can’t say for fear of causing trouble, are like mercury to your relationship. Unresolved conflicts accumulate. Most individual conflicts don’t take you out. Like the angry way you reply when she asks why you’re home late. Or the snippy retort you have for him when he’s not paying attention. Or any of the countless arguments, fights, bickerings, and naggings that irritate you on a regular basis. 

But add them all together, and you have a toxic relationship situation, that if left unaddressed, will head you straight for divorce, break-up or good old fashioned misery! 

You HAVE to find a successful and reliable method to deal with your conflicts if you are going to create a satisfying relationship where you feel happy, expanded and in love.

The Gift of Conflict provides a positive, reliable way to help you deal with conflicts for the rest of your life. 

Even more importantly, we’ll show you why you never need to dread or avoid conflicts. 

We’ll show you how to USE your conflicts for your own growth and expansion. 

We'll show you how to mine the gold hidden in the “rubble” of conflict.  

With the powerful, fun, creative tools we teach, you’ll be free to move forward together, without the weight of all that painful “stuff” from the past pulling you down. 

Many couples and singles have come to this training totally buried in a particular conflict that’s been driving them nuts for years, only to resolve that same issue with the tools we teach in as little time as 10 minutes! No kidding! (Boy, are they shocked to realize how much time they’ve wasted arguing!) 

Once you get a full understanding for WHY the same type of conflicts tend to show up in your relationship repeatedly, you’ll be on your way to being free in relationship.

Specific tools and topics include … 

  • Our signature triggers process: Know exactly what to do and say when you get upset 
  • Simple method to step into each other’s shoes and really be heard and understood by your partner 
  • Advanced conflict resolution and win-win solution creation model. Work out win-wins, even with big or difficult problems. This is a model that can be used in ALL conflicts, with virtually anyone in your life for the rest of your life. 
  • Move as loving partners in the face of disagreement and conflict 
  • How to use every external conflict to heal the corresponding internal conflict that lives inside of you. 
  • Discover and begin to heal your core trigger wound with our 15-min process (it doesn’t have to take 2 years of counseling) 
  • How to effectively clean up messes and offer forgiveness 
  • The essential six steps to an apology (not just a lame “I’m sorry”) 
  • What to do and not do in a fight 
  • A one-sentence tool that instantly stops a conflict 
  • A fun alternative to “being right” 
  • And lots more … 

Workshop Details

Gift of Conflict is a weekend training conducted via Zoom, which means you attend from anywhere in the world, from the safe comfort of your home. 

We use a mixture of lecture, individual reflection, paired exercises, and various breakout activities. You do exercises with your partner at home (or from separate locations). If you want to attend by yourself, we invite you to bring a friend to do exercises with you. Or contact us for help with this.

Our work engages your head, heart, and hands. In other words, we employ your logic, reach your heart, and give you practical actions to take. Add to our experiential approach the mastermind consciousness that is available in a group of like-intentioned people, and you are destined to reap the benefits from our multi-dimensional, uplifting learning method.

The Gift of Conflict Workshop is offered at $597 per couple or any two people.

The next Gift of Conflict workshop will be scheduled for spring of 2022. Until then, contact us with any questions or if you're interested in private relationship support. or use the Contact-Us form here ...

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About Sonika & Christian  

Sonika & Christian have developed a uniquely practical and positive approach to relationship work, a happier alternative to more traditional approaches.  

They have designed and teach a profoundly effective system for dealing with conflicts, re-creating your relationship, breathing fire into your sex-life, and freeing you from a painful, stuck relationship experience.  

They believe very strongly that the process of improving your life and relationship should feel fun, light-hearted and intimate, starting NOW, and not after years of digging through emotional garbage.  

And that your conflicts can be gifts, and thaat it'll empower you tremendously when you learn how to navigate them with grace and efficiency. 

Read a fuller story about them here ...

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