Play, Love & Happiness

Interrupt patterns. Have fun together.

Virtual Mini-Workshop for Couples - 90 Minutes

How to have fun in a relationship

Did you know that couples who play and laugh together have fewer fights, more sex and longer lasting relationships!? It’s true! There’s even a lot of research to back that up!

If you’re anything like most couples, fun, play, and pleasure get relegated to the bottom of a very long to-do list. It just never seems as urgent to play and have fun as it does to work, clean the house, do the laundry, mow the lawn and do all that is required to manage a home and family. But playing and having fun matters!

When fun and play are missing in relationship, you are likely to …

  • Feel disconnected from your partner
  • Get bored, dissatisfied and unhappy
  • Lose the “spark” and aliveness between you
  • Be stuck and mired down in routine
  • Believe your relationship is flat and dull
  • See your sex life disappear or devolve to “going through the motions”
couples who play together stay together

Ultimately, without play, fun and laughter in your relationship, routines and logistics become the norm. If these robotic interactions don’t get interrupted, one or both of you might start fantasizing about having fun somewhere else. Or with someone else!

Playing and having fun together is cheap divorce prevention! It's a simple way to create happiness. Play, love and happiness are all part of the glue that keeps a marriage strong and resilient during good times and bad times. These positive forces of love must be cultivated and nurtured (or work and chores will eat them for lunch!)

You are invited to join us for a fun and light-hearted 90-minute mini-workshop, where you’ll laugh together, connect and learn life-long tools for keeping your fun and happiness alive!

how to play in a relationship

In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn tools and approaches to incorporate fun and play into your relationship. You’ll get to practice on the spot, with our guidance. All in just 90 minutes.

Play, Love & Happiness.
A new mini-workshop from LoveWorks.

In this mini-workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Discover why play is important
  • Laugh at and enjoy your quirks and oddities
  • Inject fun and play into everyday activities
  • Interrupt patterns to free up energy and create aliveness
  • Make play and pleasure a priority
  • Plan playful, fun experiences together

We’ve helped thousands of couples create fulfilling, empowering, intimate relationships.
We look forward to doing the same for you. 

Cost: $50.00 per couple
When: Sunday May 22, 2022, 9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific Time
Where: Online via Zoom


Note: You can attend with your partner, a friend, or by yourself.

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About Your Facilitators

Sonika Tinker, MSW, and Christian Pedersen, loving husband-wife team, are Relationship Experts with over 40 years combined experience coaching couples. They are the founders of The LoveWorks Solution, a practical, happy approach to marriage, relationship, intimacy and communication. They are experts at creating a safe space for couples.

Sonika is a Certified NLP Professional, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Certified Mediator and Co-author of Seize Your Opportunities and The Good Divorce. Christian is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Mediator, Mankind Project co-leader in training and author of When You Love Your Woman.